About Khanacross

What Is Khanacross

Khanacross is an introductory level motorsport event that offers an opportunity for competitors to practise their car control and judgement skills in a safe and controlled environment. The competition involves completing a program of tests in the shortest possible time without incurring penalties. The aim is to complete each test in the prescribed manner while adhering to the rules and regulations of the event.

No fewer than four tests must be completed, and each course must not exceed 2km in length and include no straight section exceeding 100 metres in length without a turn. There are specific rules set out in the Khanacross Standing Regulations that describe in detail the requirements for both competitors and event organisers.

The purpose of these events is to provide an opportunity for beginner drivers to hone their skills and develop their abilities to handle a car at speed. It's an excellent way to build confidence and improve car control techniques in a fun and supportive environment.

Khanacross events are designed to be accessible to everyone, regardless of their experience level. Drivers can compete in their own cars, provided they meet the minimum safety requirements set by the event organisers and Motorsport Australia. The competitions are open to both unmodified and modified production cars, and there are categories for different engine sizes as laid out in the Motorsport Australia - Group 4 K Regulations.

The event provides a great opportunity to meet like-minded individuals who share a passion for motorsport. It's a fun, competitive, and social environment that encourages drivers to improve their skills and push themselves to be the best they can be. The event is a great way to get started in motorsport and is an excellent stepping stone to other forms of racing, such as AutoCross, RallySprints, or Special Stage Rallying.

Up to three years but you must maintain your WACC membership for this to be valid.

The following conditions apply to vehicles registered under the conditional registration scheme for historic, left-hand drive and street rod vehicles:

The vehicle cannot be driven for a fee, hire or reward.
The owner of the vehicle must be a financial member of a recognised motor vehicle club.
Before the start of each journey, details of the journey must be recorded in a logbook.
The owner must make their vehicle available for inspection at the request of the Registrar of Motor Vehicles or their recognised motor vehicle club.
The vehicle can only be driven on a road for up to 90 days during any one-year period of registration.
Logbooks must be:

issued by recognised motor vehicle clubs
in a form approved by the Registrar of Motor Vehicles
carried in the vehicle at all times while being used on the road.

Contact one of the club registration reps listed on the contact page to arrange a time to sign the book.

Contact one of the club registration reps listed on the contact page to arrange the next step in getting you classic or historic car registered.

Contact our club registration reps on the contact page to arrange a new book.

Present your log books (supplied by us) to the club registrar when becoming a financial member, they will stamp it with the club stamp proving you are a member of the club,
for other conditions follow the link. Club Registration Code of Practice (PDF)

The club is bound by law to update the Registrar of Motor Vehicles with any members who are no longer current. Your registration is not valid. Put it in your diary to get you membership and logbooks updated in December each year.

Logbook lasts 3 years and will cost $5 or $7 if posted (cash or E.F.T)

You can join anytime but the clubs financial year operates from January to the following year in January, historic
members must be financial members by the end of January