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Walky Park Trophy Series

Next Event: : 17/7/2016

Results and Entry Forms

2016 Tyrepower Rallysprint (SARSS Round 2)

Walky is holding the second round of the 2016 South Australian Rallysprint Series on

Sunday 20th June 2016

Event Supp Regs and Entry Forms and further information are now available on the event page:   2016 Tyrepower Rallysprint

2016 Tyrepower Rallysprint Organising Group

2016 COPYWORLD Walky 100

The 2016 COPYWORLD Walky 100 organising team recently reviewed the pre-registrations and agreed:

The event will run and be Round 2 of the 2016 South Australian Rally Championship

The team would like to offer a huge thank you to COPYWORLD

who are again the Naming Rights sponsor for the event in 2016

2016 COPYWORLD Walky 100 Organising Committee

Walky Park Club Rallysprint Series - 2016

The Second Round of the 2016 Walky Park Club Rallysprint Series was run on

Sunday 15th May 2016

We had a huge field of 47 cars.

Event Results for the second round of the 2016 season are now available on the Walky Park Page:   Walky Park Rallysprint Series

The next round is on Sunday 17th July 2016

Come out for a run or maybe a look see.

It is always a struggle for officials.

If you, or anyone else you know, could help out as an official (even for a couple of hours)

at future events it will guarantee that the events can run.

Walky Park Organising Group

Membership Renewal

Club Memberships can be renewed at club meetings or through our Membership Officer, Steve Barker. Details and membership forms are on the club website at the Membership page.

Membership renewal for members with Historic Registered Vehicle

Membership renewals for those of you who have vehicles on the Historic Vehicle Registration (HVR) scheme. HVR members are required to have their Log Books endorsed for 2016 and must be a financial member of a recognised car club to be eligible for this scheme.

Walky Park Action


See the action from the September 2011 Walky Park Trophy Day Event


High Flying Club Members


Becky Southam was shooting for Gold in the high jump at the recent Rally of South Australia



2008 Wombat Rally


Footage from the specator point at the 2008 Wombat Rally

New to Rallying?

Check out the How to Start Rallying FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

About Walky

The Walkerville All Cars Club has a long and distinguished history in South Australian Motorsport. Walky members are predominantly involved in organising events and competing in Rallies and Rallysprints. We specialise in orientation and driver training for novice competitors through our entry level events run at our purpose built motorsport facility, Walky Park..

For more information, please check our About Us page.

General Meetings

Next general meeting: at 8:00pm

General meetings are held on the third Wednesday of each month at the Walkerville R.S.L. Hall, 98 Walkerville Tce, Walkerville. Refreshments are provided by the social club.

Meetings start at 8pm, typically finish in half an hour leaving plenty of time for members to exchange advice and tell tall stories! On occasions, special guest speakers present information of interest to motorsport enthusiasts.

The WACC is affiliated with CAMS

Walky Park Standings

Driver Car
Paul Kinnear Subaru Legacy
Rick Bramley Trophy Kart RX 450
Chris Coulthard Trophy Kart RX 450
Barry Lowe Holden Crewman
Leigh Stokes Datsun 180B
Chris Saunders Nissan Skyline
Graham Horrocks Datsun Stanza
Travis Milburn Trophy Kart RS 450
Heath Grundy Toyota Levin
Jarrod Bawden Nissan Skyline
Full standings...

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